Wood Dining Room Table Designs

Saturday, January 14th 2017. | Table Ideas

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Wood dining room table designs arguably the right choice and fit for use. Although currently there are many models of dining table made of natural stone (granite and marble) or made of glass, but the dining table made of wood is lighter and safer than both. In addition, the material is easily available and also easily redesigned. Until recently, wood furniture is the type most widely used in the household. Of wooden chairs, wooden tables, beds, wooden dining table to a storage area in the kitchen cabinet even using a wooden base. many different types of wood can be used as raw material for making various types of products such as chairs, tables, beds, wardrobes, dining tables and others, the origin of the wood has a good level of violence. Because wood is hard very easy to produce, which certainly any kind of strong or hard wood as long as it is quite good in use in the manufacture of furniture.

In the manufacture and selection of wood dining room table designs, it helps you to know the type of wood material used as raw materials and their advantages and less before deciding to make or buy a wooden dining table.
1. Solid Wood
Solid wooden is a material strongest and most sturdy than wood. However, a limited provide so the value is very expensive. Workmanship process also requires particular skills. Drying needs to be excellent to keep away from the growth properties of wood shrinkage. Wooden is commonly used is teak, Nyatoh, and sungkai and some other varieties of wood corresponding to mahogany, pine, ramin and cedar.
2. Teak wooden
Wood is the preferred because of its quality, resistance to weather conditions, proof against termites, and the fiber of interest. This timber is a timber class that many processed into elegant furniture. So wooden shade is gentle brown, grayish brown to darkish reddish brown.
3. Sungkai Wood
its use is now gaining popularity as an alternative to the costly teak. Fiber is softer and the colors had been brighter than teak.
4. Nyatoh Wood
generally referred to as the young teak wood. Light brown wood fibers with typical strokes. Wooden can also be immune to termite assaults and durable.
5. Plywood (plywood)
Plywood is a wood that we used to know as plywood or multiplex. Plywood is formed from several sheets of wood glued together with high pressure. Thickness differ and decide the energy and stability.
6. Particel Board
Particle board is created from residual particles reminiscent of sawdust and wood work, small pieces of wood, wood chips and chemicals resin bonded with excessive stress after which dried.

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An explanation of the types of wood above you should know before determining which materials are suitable for making or buying your home a wood dining room table. Make sure you select the wood material according to the needs and quality you want. Because each type of wood used has advantages and shortage respectively. So examine before you buy. That’s all about Wood Dining Room Table Designs.