Pedestal Table Base for Glass Top

Friday, December 9th 2016. | Glass Tables

Pedestal Table Base for Glass Top Pictures

Pedestal Table Base for Glass Top can enhance the decor of any room. The clean, smooth and shiny glass surface makes it an ideal material for creating elegant, simple and casual furniture design, as well as a more formal and elegant design. With a little creativity and careful planning, you can make custom designed furniture with the base ideas for glass table tops. Some involves fully recycled material.

Unique Pedestal Table Base for Glass Top

If you love the natural outdoors tone or atmosphere your home, make a glass table from tree trunks that can really give your room a modern woodsy look. A thick, dense tree trunk can create exciting table and solid base when evenly cut on the top and bottom and treated with the appropriate conditioners wood, stain and varnish. The glass top allows the natural wood that will be presented from every angle, and the natural appearance creates the illusion rooted in the earth. Pilar makes an excellent pedestal table base for glass top that adorns the rooms’ decor more formal agenda. You can find a variety of pilar’s colors and styles in the shops, craft centers and home improvement retailer. For a truly custom design, buy white, unfinished pillars at local ceramic dealer and paint them with the color of your choice. Pilar comes in various sizes and heights which allows you to create a small accent table with a column, or use some for larger ding or tables look.

Wood Pedestal Table Base for Glass Top

Latest Pedestal Table Base for Glass Top

To take a more contemporary urban look, a couple of brick and glass panels make a coffee table on the industrial style, modern end table or dining table. You can usually buy heavy cement blocks in the center of home renovation and repair, or saved from demolition and construction sites. Put rubber grip or non skid suction cups at the top of the block to keep the glass from slipping. That’s all about Pedestal Table Base for Glass Top.