Butcher Block Coffee Table Plans

Saturday, December 17th 2016. | Coffee Tables

Antique Butcher Block Coffee Table

Butcher Block Coffee Table Plans – Butcher block table combines light and weight design some kind of coffee table with the traditional look and durable. A butcher blocks has developed for more than one hundred years to meet the needs of the cuts of meat that are used in some industry. Butcher block coffee table taking ideas a little further.

DIY Wood Butcher Block Coffee Table

It is available in various thicknesses and sizes, and shapes. Butcher block coffee table has work surface that cannot be harmed and it will not harm your expensive knives. Butcher block coffee table that is durable if it is made from a block of wood, usually hard maple is and glued either end grain or edge grain to prevent warping and cracking. Along with the lighter style of workbench, butcher blocks provides worry-free for the preparation of food in the cooking area of ​​a workspace, and if pushed to serve the meat, bread, cheese and other food in other places. It is equipped with sturdy frame and legs that can support durable top work space above. It is often made of meat block and the combination of, or granite and stainless steel.

Small Butcher Block Coffee Table

Most of block coffee table has open shelves for storage and it can also be fitted with bottle rack, towel and tool holders, storage drawers, bar and breakfast drop paper. The tables are available in contemporary, modern style and traditional country and other design. It is built of several beautiful woods such as red oak, poplar, North maple, beech and walnut. It is as well as stainless steel and copper, glass, rock, and other materials. Its finishes may be natural, painted or powder coat and some of it is weatherproofing for use in outdoor. The block coffee table should be cleaned with bleach or vinegar solution regularly and the surface is treated with mineral oil to prevent moisture and prevent dryness. That’s all about Butcher Block Coffee Table Plans.